Varicose Vein – Top 6 Effective Asanas To Treat It!

Sometimes sitting for a long time or walking in uncomfortable shoes or heels may lead to varicose veins. The varicose veins refer to the swollen and spidery veins of the body, which provide people with a painful experience. Furthermore, such veins are caused by the increased blood pressure in the veins. It happens in the veins near the skin’s surface; they usually occur on the legs.

 However, pregnant women also suffer from the problem of it during their pregnancy. So for getting rid of the problem of swollen veins, there is a way, and that is yoga. So yoga helps people in solving the problem of such spidery veins problem. As there are many asanas are present, which makes it easier for people to have a painless feeling. Thus the top 6 effective asanas that will straightforwardly and efficiently treat the problems are listed below:

  • Tadasana:

 The Tadasana is also known as the Mountain Pose; it benefits the sufferer differently. As it is the most basic asana of yoga that will help people in having the body’s right alignment. Moreover, such asana of yoga will keep the leg of the person straight and toned. Tadasana also strengthens the entire body parts like knees, ankles, and thighs. However, doing such asanas of yoga is the most efficient thing to do, as a person just has to stand straight. Also keeps the feet apart and allows the hands to hang alongside of the body. After doing such a thing, the person should have to strengthen each part of the body and have to look up and breathe. Thus, this is the tadasana that anyone can easily and straightforwardly do. 

  • Uttanasana: 

Uttanasana is also known widely by various names like Padahastasana, Standing Forward Bend, and Hasta Padasana. Such yoga asana helps people in improving the blood circulation in each part of the body. Doing such yoga asana is the most efficient thing to do. A person just has to stand straight and keep their hands on the hips. After doing it, the person just has to inhale and bend downwards and exhale. The hands that are placed on the hips now must be placed as the floor beside the feet. Also, make sure that the feet should have a parallel position. By doing this, a person can easily have good blood flow in each body vein. Moreover, people can also search the vein treatment center near me for yoga asanas. 

  • Navasana:

 Navasana is one of the most famous yoga asanas, which provides a relaxed and stress-free feeling. However, such asana is also known by the name Boat Pose and Naukasana. This asana is the easiest one to do, as a person just has to sit in the Dandasana. After sitting, people have to lift their legs upside and manage the balance of hands by lifting them up from the floor. Create the position of alphabet V with the upper and the lower body and breathe long and release. This asana reduces the pressure on the veins and offers a painless feeling. 

  • Viparita Karani: 

The Legs Up the Wall or the Viparita Karani is the extremely relaxing asana of yoga. Anyone can simply do it as it doesn’t require any stretching or hard work. The only thing a person needs to do is sit across the wall and has to raise legs gently. After this, lie down and stretch the arms. Also, make sure to place the palms upwards. Also, close the eyes and breathe and release the breath after a few minutes. Doing this will offer the legs the comfiest feeling. It also improves blood circulation and flushes out the toxins from the blood. For the varicose veins, the Viparita Karani is the best and most outstanding asana to do. 

  • Sarvangasana: 

The Sarvangasana, or we can say the Supported Shoulder Stand, will enhance the blood circulation in the entire body of the people. This yoga asana is the most relaxing one. However, doing this for treating the varicose veins is the best thing to do. As it works effectively against the varicose veins. Any person can get rid of such a problem without searching the vein treatment center near me or visiting it. For doing such yoga asana, the people just have to lie down in the Shavasana and have to lift their legs upwards. Also supports the hips with the palms and puts the entire body weight on the shoulders. 

So these are the top 5 effective yoga asana that helps people treat the problem of varicose veins. However, the Matsyasana and Pawanmuktasana are widely known for curing such problems.