Rest Pause Leg Training Workout For Overall Muscle Growth

Get ready for a routine that is simply guaranteed to pack on pounds of muscle. I seriously mean it. This rest pause leg training workout is a KILLER. It isn’t for the faint hearted, the whiners, the losers or the ones that don’t REALLY want it, this is for trainees that want large muscles and want them fast.

This is based on the muscle building routine I recommend, i.e the one I devised And is part of the rest pause training for mass collection of articles. It is super abbreviated, intense, a killer to perform, but it delivers results. Combine it with the how to gain weight quickly guide and you are going to be transformed, and quickly. But it requires an insane amount of will power and effort to see it through to the end.

Rest Pause Leg Workout

You will be surprised by the brevity, people often are, but it is like this for a reason. Too many sets in the workout will simply fry you. This is a specialization routine intended to be done every third or fourth or even every fifth day for a month. Much longer than that and you run the risk of over training and getting nowhere, or even losing strength and mass as your body simply will not be able to recover.

Chin Ups 3 Sets 8-12 Reps Bench Press 3 Sets 8-12 Reps Trap Bar Deadlifts or Squats 1 Set Rest Pause Style 20 Reps

Super abbreviated but super productive. Perform the routine as often as you can as long as you are recovered. For normal people it will mean doing it twice a week or maybe on every 4th or even 5th day. It is intense to the extreme.

Building Up To It

As stated in the rest pause main article, you need to begin by just adding 10% to the normal weight you use for your top set of Squats or Deadlifts. This is so it is not too much of a shock to the system. Gradually build up until you are using a much heavier weight than normal.

Now our month of training in this manner begins.

Each rep is like a workout in its own right. It is exhausting. Obviously the first few reps will be easy but it should get hard very quickly.

To illustrate this point here is the scenario you should find yourself in when performing this workout for the legs to guarantee muscle.

Let’s take the Squat as an example, although I do prefer the Trap bar deadlift. And make sure you train in a power rack. Set the bar catchers just at the bottom point of the rep so you can drop the bar if need be.

A Set Of Rest Pause Squats

Remember, this weight should be built up to. But it should be at least 50% more than you would perform a usual set of 20 rep squats with. I told you it was brutal!!!

It begins…………..

Deep breaths, bar set up in the power rack.

Nerves hit, the fear grows, you know what is in store for you and it is going to take all your will power to complete the task ahead. But HUGE muscles don’t build themselves.

Step under the bar and shoulder it. Time to get busy.

Down and up. 2 deep breaths.

Down and up. 2 deep breaths.

Down and up. SHIT! This is hard. 3 deep breaths.

Lower down, keeping good form and push up, this is tough.

Another one. Woo Hoo! 5 done, 15 to go!!!

And on it goes.

By rep ten you will be sweating. You will be taking longer between each rep. It will be killing you.

By rep 15 you will be trying to keep from giving up.

Don’t. This is where you will make the most gains in terms of muscle growth.

Each of the last 5 reps will take all of your will power to complete. You will be struggling for breath and you will want to lie down on the floor and collapse. And you will, after the last rep.

The last rep will see you resting for a good ten seconds if not more before you attempt it. And it will still feel like you are shouldering a truck not a bar with plates on it.

And finish.

And collapse.

It will take you a good 5-10 minutes to even recover from this enough to move properly. And this is why I recommend you perform it at the end of your workout. I simply cannot complete the other exercises if I do it first in the routine.

This is a brief workout for a reason. The 1 set or resp pause deadlifts or squats is enough of a workout in its own right really.

Do this as often as you can once you are rested and recovered, and do it for a month and you will have made massive gains.

You will need to eat like a horse to get the full benefit. But your appetite will take care of that. You will be starving day and night as your body tries to recover.


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