Pull Up Dip Stations Cheap

In the large arms workout I showed just how impressive the size gains can be, but it relies on having access to a dip stand and a pull up bar.

Rather than buying both separately, the economic answer is to buy a cheap pull up dip station. Luckily they are now cheaper than ever before.

Amazon currently have some great prices, so I wanted to simply let everyone know that they don’t need to spend a fortune if they want to be able to perform these most excellent compound movements to pack on the muscle.

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I am not going to make a specific recommendation, it will depend on a number of factors. Space being just one of them.

What Is The Best Pull Up Dip Station

A combination pull up and dip station needs to be sturdy. That should be the basis of any buying decision. There are enough cheap ones that you are not going to have to spend a great deal, even for something of a very good quality. My advice is to read reviews of the products on offer to see just what comes the most highly recommended.

Personally I have tried both the Body Vision PT600 power tower and the Stamina 1690 power tower, both are nice and rugged. But there are so many different options that there is no point looking at them all here. Price and available room are going to dictate what you buy.

If I had to give you a solid recommendation then the Stamina tower is cheap, very cheap. And it does the job. I am all about not paying more than I have to.

I simply recommend that you take a look and see what takes your fancy. All of them are going to allow you to do chins and dips, you will just find that a few options are a little more versatile. i.e. you can use them to perform bent leg crunches and the like. Although if you perform heavy leg work, like rest pause training, then you will be developing a solid core without the need for any abdominal work at all.

If you are going to buy a station for chins and dips then don’t discount a power rack instead though. They come with chin bars and dip handles on many models, and also allow you to train in safety.

Whatever you do buy, remember one thing. The aim is not to just be able to perform dips and pull ups with bodyweight. To really pack on the muscle you want to be aiming for adding weight to your body. Use a dip belt and add a few pounds, or even a single pound, once you can get up to ten or twelve reps.

When you begin you may well find that even getting close to this is a struggle. But keep at it and you will be amazed at how quickly you can get into the groove.

If you can’t do a full set then do as many as you can. Then use negative training to finish the set. This means you jump to the top position with a bounce, and then lower your weight to the bottom, 4 seconds a rep is a good figure to aim for.

If you can do this for a number of workouts you will be able to very quickly get to a point where you will be hunting around for extra plates to add around your waist. And this is when the muscle realy begins to get added to your frame.