Microneedling Device- How To Use At Home?

Perhaps, people things doing microneedling at home is a challenging task. The micro-needling or dermaroller is a device that helps to treat acne scars. Indeed, many people face issues related to the skin, especially acne. What do you understand by microneedling vs dermaplaning treatments? Dermaroller is a convenient way to go with and help your skin to remove all the scars.

Initially, it was used for forehead, cheeks, under-eye, but now it is used as an anti-ageing process. Ageing is natural, but removing fine lines and wrinkles is best. The best part about the derma roller as it is an expensive and convenient way to get the desired results.

Most importantly, if you are going for a derma roller is at home, make sure you know the proper techniques. Otherwise, it may cause symptoms and marks on your skin that not be reduced at any cost. So let’s discuss how to use the dermaroller appropriately at home.

Step 1 (Proper Selection of Device)

There is a wide selection of models while selecting derma roller. Especially when you are getting your hands on a device to use at home, there are the best-suited models for you. The most important thing is to select the best one for you. If the device is not appropriate, you won’t get the expected results. There are three types of models –

  • Derma stamp
  • Derma pen
  • Derma roller

All of them are used in different ways, but the result is the same. For different people, it is beneficial in other ways. Undoubtedly, derma rollers are an inexpensive device, and you can use them as a paint roller. However, it has been known that few doctors recommend going with Dharma stem or derma pens as it is less painful and easier to use at home.

Step 2 (Selection of Needles)

Needles size also varies from the product. Few people go with shoulder-length, and others go with longer ones. Make sure which size of the needle is well suited for your purpose. Do not go wrong, as you will not get the desired results.

Want to use it at home? Make sure you are going with the shorter length that varies from 0.5 MM to 3MM as shorter needles are safe and secure for those who are new and making use of roller at home.

There are no worst symptoms that you can face. However, if you want to treat your acne scars, longer needles that range from 1.5mm in length are helpful. But make sure you take the consult from your doctor to make the best use.

Step 3 (Read all Instructions)

There are plenty of options in the micro-needling device, and it’s essential to consider all the instructions carefully. Every device is different in storage and how to use it safely. Before getting the treatment from micro-needling devices, the most important thing is to sanitise. Take a bowl with rubbing alcohol and place your device. Make sure you keep your device in the bowl for at least 1 to 2 minutes.

Step 4 (Clean your Face Properly)

If you have applied make-up before or not, make sure you wash your face to begin your treatment. First, take a gentle cleanser and remove all the dirt and make-up from the surface. The fundamental objective to remove the dirt and face the wash is removing the bacteria to get the appropriate result of the micro-needling process. After that, pat your face.

Step 5 (Don’t use Rollers Aggressively)

Some people often go for rolling with pressure. However, it is one of the wrong methods to use a derma roller. It deeply penetrates under the skin and causes marks on skin. That cannot be healed afterwards. To avoid such situations, make sure you are gently using rollers. If you are not aware of the speed, consult your doctor. Otherwise, applying too much pressure on the skin will lead to many side effects.

Step 6 (Take Safety Measures)

After using a derma roller is it’s important to consider a few things afterwards. Otherwise, your skin may feel irritated and result in inflammation. The most important thing does not to get sun exposure. Try to put a layer of sunscreen to protect your skin from itchiness. After getting an, A session makes sure you are not getting out for at least one or two days. Most importantly, do not go for the derma roller session frequently as it will damage your skin.

Final words

After considering the appropriate method to use dermaroller is at home, it can be easily stated that one should get the proper guide. Otherwise, the results are inappropriate, and you don’t get the expected results. It also saves you from not getting the worst marks on your skin that cannot be avoided. Hopefully, the above instruction will help you make the best use of the microneedling device.